32bit or 64bit Android SDK on Windows 64bit OS?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Installing a dev machine for Android development. 64bit Win7, soon will upgrade to Win8, 16GB RAM. Now the selection at the android download:

64bit or 32bit Android SDK?

What should Duffman do? Seems most poeple here go for the 64bit version, but are there arguments for/against? Hasslefree installation?


This question was posted because I wanted to setup JetBrains IntelliJ together with the SDK. Reason was that I did not like Eclipse in the past. So when I reached the 32/64 question while downloading I was not sure and did research. The result was that there were many troubles dependent on the 32/64bit-version. In the end I gave the current Eclipse/ADT version a try and got it running quickly. I got great support from a Jetbrains guy, but finally did not follow that route, since the Eclipse toolset just worked.

EDIT 29.7.2013

64bit Version Eclipse works just fine

How to solve:

You should install using the ADT Bundle (there is a 64 bit version). This is super simplified, and is new with the ADT 21 release.

Find it here: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

Everything you need is included in the bundle, which makes things very easy.

Bottom line, use 64 bit, and use the ADT Bundle, and this should be hassle free and will result in a standard installation.

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