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I cannot use adb connect to connect via wifi to my device (nexus 5, android 6), but since i’m developping a cordova plugin using usb OTG, I really need to connect via wifi.

I tried to adb kill-server, and all solutions provided on SO, and noone is working for me…
Before it was working ok (i.e android 5).

Any idea?

How to solve:

I had the same issue since the android 6 upgrading.
I noticed that for some reason the device is playing “hard to get” when you try to contact it over WIFI.

Try these following steps:

  1. Make sure that Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular handover under Networking section in the device’s developer options is turned off.

  2. ping continuously from your pc to the device to make sure it’s not in network idle mode ping -t (windows cmd), unlock the device and even try to surf to some website just to make it get out of the network idle.

  3. If ping doesn’t work, turn off / on Android Wifi and go back to step 2.

  4. When it replies to the ping, connect it via usb, and:

    adb usb

    adb tcpip 5555

    adb connect

  5. In case it’s still not connected, try to switch the usb connection mode as MTP / PTP / Camera while the device is connected through usb and repeat these steps over again…

If the above points are not working please try running adb as admin.
For Ubuntu –

sudo adb start-server


I had the same issue. i tried all commands like adb kill-server then
adb tcpip 5555 then
adb connect <IPAddress>:5555 but the issue remain same

the IP address which i used to connect … showing me message unable to connect .....

what i did is
go to phone’s settings

then About phone

then Status`

then check IP address

Now try to connect phone with that IP address

Note : – The problem is the IP address changed which i used to connect


I had the same problem. The solution was as follows.

In Developer Options.
+ Activate “Allow ADB debugging in load only mode.”
+ In Spanish, “Permitir depuraciĆ³n ADB en modo solo carga.”

My problem was as follows: I was doing all the steps:

  • adb kill-server
  • adb start-server
  • adb tcpip 5555
  • adb connect (your ip).

After completing these steps, I disconnected the phone from the USB cable, and the connection was lost, I could not make the wireless connection.

However, this worked for me on a Huawei ALE-23 cell phone, but it did not work for me on the Huawei Y9S cell phone (Android 10), it failed.

I solved it only by activating the option “Allow ADB debugging in load only mode” in the cell Huawei Y9S.



In my case I had to shut of and on the wifi adb debugger app, on the device.
On another USB device I had to shitch off and on developer mode, then re-set the development options.
Also reset my pc.

Seem that adb in some way made a mess with global communication and all the debug communication have to be reset on both sides.

After this the devices start to comunicate again


The critical step in getting this to work is disconnecting the usb cable after issuing the adb connect xx.x.x.xx:5555 command. At this point you are connected but unauthorized.
Execute adb kill-server and re-issue the connect command.
Verify with execution of adb shell date.


sudo adb start-server

Just worked for me. after A day of looking for a solution.

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