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Google has recently added a lot of guidelines for designers (here), including plenty of animations of how things can work.

The problem

As I’ve read the guidelines, I decided to try out the new design, and use the support library.

Sadly, for many (or maybe all?) of them, I can’t find out how to implement them using the official APIs that Google has given.

For example, I’ve tried to find out how they’ve implemented this cool scrolling effect called “Flexible space with image” (taken from here) : link . However, no matter where I search, the only thing I find is of third party libraries (like this one).

Another example is the way to create a Material-design raised button style (posted about it here)

What I’ve found

I’ve found only tiny snippets (and more guidelines) of very specific elements, on the android developers blog, for example here and here , but that’s not nearly enough for using it, let alone support pre-Lollipop versions of Android (and that’s most of the devices right now).

I’ve also found this documentation , but again, it lacks a lot of explanations to what is shown on the designers’ website (here).

The question

Are there any APIs/Samples/Tutorials for any of the new Material design guidelines?

Anything other than what I’ve found?

Is it possible the support library barely supports the new design? I couldn’t even find dialogs support and Prefereces in it, so I made something (based on someone else’s library) here

It’s just really weird that there are so many animations examples, but no actual code to try and use for best practice…

How to solve:

While the new API provides some new UI elements like like CardView (that have been already included in the support library) there are no new specific APIs for material animations, those animations abilities already exist in the current API.

The Material theme does provide default animations and activity transitions, however you need to do the rest by your self and as mentioned in this tutorial.

So long story short, while the new Android API 21 came with new components, you will still have to implement the majority of the design by your self.


The new API’s provide recylerview, cardview and many design API’s and also backward support using appcompact v7 libraries.

for design specifications :- here

Here are some options where you can learn material-design API’s and implement them

  1. if you are like me who enjoy watching videos than studying, here is a great source for you :- Youtube Link he is the best and i follow this playlist. still every week 2-4 videos will be added to playlist.

  2. Google Developers: Here (they are the creaters)

  3. Other website :- TreyRobinson

But i recomend you using the 1st or 2nd option for learning.

Some great Source which i use to make my material design apps:

  1. to select primarycolor,….etc : Here

  2. to set an accent color : Here set primary color in middle lock it and press spacebar to load next set of accent colors.


Hi here the url I found when I googled “android lollipop apps github”

I’ve used Android Studio 1.0 to git clone the source code, try it its fun

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