android – because an app is obscuring a permissions request, Settings can't verify your response-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

enter image description hereWhile I allow USB debugging, tap on OK button, Messaging has comes

because an app is obscuring a permissions request, Settings can’t
verify your response

The error is coming in allowing USB debugging.

How to solve:

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Special Access -> Draw Over Other Apps

See which apps have permission to draw over other apps, and turn them off one by one until the problem goes away.


I had the same with my tablet. I restarted tablet and it worked.


I found a post on XDA Forum that solved that problem. Here it is:

I solved this as follows:
– Go to Settings > Apps > Settings icon (at the bottom).
– Then Advanced > Special access > Draw over the other apps.
– At the top right, in the scrolling menu, choose “Show system processes”.
– Select “Floating dock” and disable “Permit drawing over other apps”.


Go to Settings → Apps → Special Access → Draw Over Other Apps
turn off YouTube.


May be DevMike trick is working but I solved this by uncheck the option of verify apps over USB.

Setting > Developer options > verify apps over USB & uncheck the verify apps over USB.


This setting specifies whether your device should allow Google to inspect apps installed over USB for possible harmful behavior.

In order to install apps over USB you must also have USB debugging enabled and compatible software (such as the ADB tool supplied by Google to developers, though other software can also take advantage of this ability) on the connected computer.

App developers may want to have this service disabled in order to speed up the process of loading their app onto their device for testing. If you are installing apps that you did not develop yourself over USB, it is recommended that you enable this.

This setting has no effect on apps that are installed on the device itself, either from the Play store or from other sources.


Another cause is the Smart Pixels battery saving feature that is present on some custom Android ROMs; ie Resurrection Remix. Disabling Smart Pixels will solve the problem.

In Resurrection Remix the setting is in Settings > Resurrection Tools > Interface > Smart Pixels > Enable Smart Pixels.
Note:This setting is Disabled by default.


Enter into the safe mode and try connecting it. It works!

How to enter safe mode?

  1. Power off your device.

  2. Power on the device and press and hold the volume down key the moment you see the boot animation, until it boots up.

  3. You could able to see safe mode in left right corner.

  4. Try connecting now.

  5. It will work.

  6. Restart device to exit safe mode.

P.S: entering into safe mode might be different for some devices. Try Googling for your device model, if it doesn’t work!


The best way is to put Android OS in Safe-mode.

For Samsung phones:

  1. Hold the power button until three buttons will appear on the screen.
  2. Hold the power-off button on the screen for a couple of seconds while the safe-mode prompt appears.
  3. This will restart your phone to a safe-mode.
  4. After you’re done, you can bring the phone to normal operation by choosing the safe-mode prompt from the notifications.


I had to turn off navigation gestures under the action and gestures settings.


Ok, disable Smart Pixels in Resurrection Remix ROM settings. This answer is ONLY for those running R.R. with Smart Pixels enabled. This setting is not an app, so it doesn’t show up under the “Display Over Other Apps” listing in settings. Credit to Jebtrix


I fixed the issue by uninstalling an App named “Mobile Go”

it was having permission of running on top of screen, i think it’s related to capture screen.


Simple answer is to please restart your device or mobile
it will work…


for me I had to turn off Edge Gestures on the Accessibility Services!


The problem is that you have the DU Recorder app running. You can see the orange camera icon in the left side of picture you attached. What you need to do is to close the app. You can do it by dragging the camera icon to the X.


It’s obvious that the problem is due to some running app is preventing you from getting permission.

Combinating the answers above from Terry Carmen and Andrew,


and it will work.


Opting for onscreen buttons instead of navigational gestures worked for me.


Be aware that Google is telling that not all cables are able to use MTP transfer.

If you are displayed wrong icons at the beginning it might be that the USB cable needs to be different and most likely unique to the device or at least have transfer capability.

Be aware if MTP does not work, your cable might be wrong.


@Terry Carmen’s answer is acceptable for me, the problem is occuring with Mobile Go app, revoking the access permission to Draw over the apps solved!


Turning off Assistive/Quick/Shortcut ball did the trick for me.
Also, try revoking the Debugging Permissions from Developer Options under USB debugging, and setting connection mode to Media Transfer.

Installing PdaNet+ App and Driver might help too.


Turn off shortcut ball (or) assistive ball and then try it will work

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