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I don’t understand the difference between MAC address and BSSID.

I understand that MAC is an identifier to local networks, but when I searched BSSID on wiki I got this:

In an infrastructure BSS, the BSSID is the MAC address of the wireless
access point (WAP).

from source:

if BSSID is the mac address of WAP, then how come MAC addresses and BSSIDs are different?

I tried this on a simple android app, when I getConnectionInfo I have a different BSSID from a MAC address. Can someone please explain this to me?


How to solve:

The MAC address identifies a piece of hardware. The hub has a MAC address, and so does your network card which is connecting to it. The former is also the BSSID.

getConnectionInfo will be returning your MAC address as “MAC address”, and the hub‘s MAC address as “BSSID”.


The MAC address is the access point (AP) address.

Each AP can support up to 16 SSIDs (Service Set ID). Each of these SSIDs has their own MAC address derived from the AP MAC address.

For more information and to see how the BSSID derived from the MAC address please see:

I hope this answers the question for the future viewer.

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