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I wrote an application named “Bio View”, if I search for my application in Google Play, it does not show up, instead if I search BlueSkyBio (the “appname” variable from the manifest is named that way), i can find my app.

    android:theme="@style/AppTheme" >

  <string name="app_name">BlueSkyBio</string>

My question is, how can i add tags to my application, like: bio, view, bioview, etc. So that I will be sure people can find it ?

How to solve:

There now appears to be a Tags option in the Google Play Console, but they are predefined tags to choose from, so it’s pretty limited, but may help some people finding this question:
Play Console Screenshot


FoamyGuy has answered on a comment for my question:
you can put them in your description. But there is no real “tags” concept on the Android market. And furthermore the search algorithm is somewhat of a black box, it takes many things into consideration when picking the order of results which is why a search for your exact application name will not always result in your app being at the top (or even near the top) of the list of results. – FoamyGuy Apr 5 at 14:34


Yes, Google has introduced this option now. You can add tags in google play console under

Store Presence -> Store Listing -> Manage Tags


you can add your keywords in description


Keywords: leaynik, SOS, eyes, l3ynik, la3yink

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