android – Can onDestroy() be called without onHandleWork() in JobIntentService?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am using JobIntentService.enqueueWork()

I would like to know if it’s ever possible for the onDestroy() to be called even without onHandleWork() called in a JobIntentService.

Basically, what’s the lifecycle of a JobIntentService. Is onHandleWork() guaranteed to be called at least once before onDestroy() gets invoked?

How to solve:

The behaviour of JobIntentService is different depending on the version of Android running on the target device (prior to API level 26, or API level 26 or higher).

However, generally you can assume that onHandleWork() is called at least once before onDestroy(). There would be no reason to start the Service if there was no work for it. Generally the Service would only be started when there is work in the queue, in which case onHandleWork() would be called immediately after the Service is started.

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