android – Cannot find the setter for attribute with parameter-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am working on DataBinding with BindingAdapter. Here is my custom method.

public static void setFadeVisible(LinearLayout view, int visible) {
    Log.e("Bindings", "setFadeVisible: ");

And in xml file i am calling it like


But it is showing error

Error:Execution failed for task ‘:app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac’.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Found data binding errors.
****/ data binding error ****msg:Cannot find the setter for attribute ‘app:fadevisible’ with parameter type int on android.widget.LinearLayout.
loc:236:31 – 236:54
****\ data binding error ****

I have checked this and this thread but somehow it is not helping me, as you can see i am passing int from xml and in BindingAdapter also i have mentioned LinearLayout with int value.

Even i have another method, where just parameters are different and its working fine

public static void loadRoundImage(ImageView imageView, String url)
How to solve:

Your @BindingAdapter definition looks a little bit odd to me


This is not the same like




which should work perfectly fine.


Make sure in app level gradle, you have apply plugin: 'kotlin-kapt'


I had this problem with binding to ImageView and unlike your case, the definition of my binding adapter was correct but still, the IDE kept giving me this error message. After spending many hours on searching for the cause, I figured that the namespace that I use in xml layout file needs to be exactly what I declared in @BindingAdapter.

So, if my xml is like below:


Then my binding method should be as below:

public static void loadImage(ImageView view, String logoUrl) {
    if (logoUrl == null) {
    } else {

Note that binding method annotation indicates the namespace in it , i.e. @BindingAdapter({"app:image_url"}) exactly as it is used in layout file app:image_url="@{item.logoUrl}"

So unlike what is said in most tutorials, don’t use @BindingAdapter({"bind:image_url"}) in your binding method and app:image_url="@{item.logoUrl}" in your xml file.


You try



I had initially set defined my customBindidingAdapter as private:

private static void getPriorityColor(TextView textView, int priority) {


Add on to the answers if you are working on multiple modules then where you have


That module should have the following code in the module -> build.gradle.

dataBinding {
    enabled = true

Enjoy Happy coding. 🙂


In my particular case, my BindingAdapter had two parameters, with requireAll, and I had neglected to put one of them on the element in my layout XML. So, like this: (Kotlin, I know)

@BindingAdapter("app:arg1", "app:arg2", requireAll = true)
fun MyAdapter(view: ImageView, x: String, y: Int) {
    // ...
<Element app:arg1="@{"foo"}"/>

The error was roughly Cannot find the setter for attribute "app:arg1" with parameter String which is perfectly true, there is no such adapter; there’s only one for two args.

One hint that this was happening was that Android Studio indicated that MyAdapter was an unused function by coloring it grey.

Obviously a more eloquent error message like “there is no adapter for app:arg1 of type String but there is one for…” (when one of the attribute names matches) would be appreciated, but I won’t hold my breath.

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