android – Constantly getting …DeviceMonitor] Failed to start monitoring-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I find that after running or debugging my application a few times using eclipse, that I get the above output in my console (in red) and I get no feedback from Dalvik as to the connection status to my phone is going. My application will still debug etc. I just get nothing useful in my Console.

Any ideas how to fix this? It appears intermittent. It starts doing it after a few minutes, continues to do it for quite a while and occasionally goes away again. This has happened on my last laptop and now on my new laptop with a completely fresh install etc.

How to solve:

ok so here’s what fixed it for me and I think this is retarded that I have to do this. I’m on Windows 7 64 bit, but maybe 2 or 3 times during the day I get this same error. I tried the reboot thing sometimes it worked, sometimes it does not…

I have to:

  1. Close Eclipse
  2. Unplug USB
  3. Open task manager and find the “adb.exe *32” and End Task
  4. Open Eclipse (not done yet)
  5. “Clean All” (clean all not just project)
  6. Then build the project (for me just building the project works)
  7. Plug USB back in and there ya go!

Always works for me. Like I said retarded, Android dev sucks, but makes money… iPhone/xCode is BETTER!

If anyone knows of an update to something I can down load to avoid doing this all the time, I’d love to know!


I had the same problem –
Try to use a different USB port.
From my experience, the USB connections on the PC front are not recommended.


To keep the error message from showing up I did the following on Eclipse 3.7:

  • Window->Preferences
  • On the left side tree select Android->DDMS
  • In the DDMS settings window choose logging level “Assert”
  • Click “Apply”


You may have to kill the deamon and restart it. Following are the steps;

  1. open a command prompt and locate the SDK’s platform tools folder. E.g.:- cd c:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools

  2. then execute “adb kill-server” command. You will see the disconnected icon in run configuration panel is now cleared.

  3. then again execute “adb start-server” command.

  4. Then try running the device, if it doesn’t work try restarting the eclipse.


Year almost 2018 I just had same problem which doubled my gray hairs. It turned out my test phone Samsung Galaxy S6 does not like the USB ports on my Apple Thunderbolt Display. I just plugged the USB cable directly to my Mac Pro and it worked right away. Funny thing is my Google Pixel Phone never complains about the USB port on Thunderbolt.


problem causes bay USB bug

1- save your work
2- Close Eclipse
3- restart your computer
4- Open Eclipse and enjoy ^^
it works for me

good luck


restart your dev machine, worked for me 🙂


I was using a USB 3.0 port too and a device Xoom with ics 4.0.
To solve my problem, I needed to restart my Windows, because in the DDMS my device was showed twice.
After the restart, I needed to change the USB port to a 2.0 USB port and it work for me.

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