android – Copy/paste issue with eclipse Juno-ThrowExceptions

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I am using Eclipse Juno on Mac OS 10.7.4 and Android ADT.

Some times when copying and pasting code the copy and paste event take place at the previous file that I had opened on the Editor.

It does get fixed restarting Eclipse but it’s quite annoying.

Is there a fix out there for this problem?

How to solve:

I got tired of this bug too.

After a search, I’ve found that it’s a problem with ADT 20 on Juno:

And got fixed on 20.0.2.

Run a check for updates in Eclipse and update ADT to latest version (currently 20.0.3) and the problem is gone =)


According to this bug report and this forum post, unbinding Cmd+C/X/V from Preferences -> General -> Keys seem to solve the

If not, submit a bug report.


Disabling Hyperlinking fixed this for me. You could also just change the Default modifier key to something other than Ctrl if you still want to use hyperlinking.

Go to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Hyperlinking and either uncheck Enable on demand hyperlink style navigation or change Default modifier key.
I changed Default modifier key to alt .


“In the newer report, Jun Luo suggested on Monday to unbind the keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, and paste in Eclipse Preferences -> General -> Keys. I tried removing the Ctrl+C binding and all week I have not experienced this issue, so I am calling it fixed. My Mac-using coworker has not reported the issue recurring since removing the ⌘+C binding, either.”


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