android – Could not get unknown property 'assembleRelease' for project-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

After updating Android Studio to version 2.2 and the gradle plugin to 2.2.0, I get following error:

Error:(32, 1) A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:jobdispatcher’.
Could not get unknown property ‘assembleRelease’ for project ‘:jobdispatcher’ of type org.gradle.api.Project.

The problem is in the build.gradle file of an imported jobdispatcher module:

task aar(dependsOn: assembleRelease)

What changes can I make to fix this?

Note, this issue is very similar to, but still a bit different to, that reported here.

How to solve:

Move your dependency dependsOn inside your gradle task like shown below:

task aar() << {
    dependsOn 'assembleRelease'


Just add “” like this to fix your problem:


task aar(dependsOn: assembleRelease)


task aar(dependsOn: "assembleRelease")


I tried all the previous answers, all are not working. Here is the one working after gradle 2.2.
Starting from 2.2, those tasks also include “assembleDebug” and “assembleRelease”. To access such tasks, the user will need to use an afterEvaluate closure:

afterEvaluate {
    task aar(dependsOn: assembleRelease) {


task aar {


and task aar will run after task “assembleRelease” finished~

wish this will help you~ 😀


I had the same problem.

Disabling instant run under Android Studio/Preferences/Build, Execution, Deployment/Instant Run worked for me.

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