android – Crash base.apk from adreno stacktrace-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m getting a lot of base.apk crash on google console, Usually it happened on this device Galaxy J6+ (j6primelte), Moto Z (2), moto g(6),Moto G (5S) Plus, moto g(7),Moto G (5S) on firmware 9

  #00  pc 0000000000152ab0  /vendor/lib/egl/ (EsxRenderBucket::AddUnbucketedEntries(EsxCmdBufType, unsigned int)+132)
  #01  pc 0000000000152027  /vendor/lib/egl/ (EsxRenderBucket::BucketRenderingCmds(EsxRenderBucketParams*)+740)
  #02  pc 0000000000185f7d  /vendor/lib/egl/ (EsxContext::BucketRenderingCmds(int)+712)
  #03  pc 00000000000e5e97  /vendor/lib/egl/ (EsxContext::BindDrawFramebuffer(EsxFramebufferObject*)+178)
  #04  pc 00000000000b753f  /vendor/lib/egl/ (EsxContext::GlDeleteFramebuffers(int, unsigned int const*)+438)
  #05  pc 0000000001bf2d4b  /data/app/ (offset 0xb97000

Does anyone know about this issue or how to trace them? thank you

How to solve:

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