android – Create specific device tree for AOSP-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I followed official Google`s tutorial to build my own AOSP and succeeded in all steps: I have a “Pure AOSP version” running on a nexus emulator.

The story is I have some rare device came with some Android version full of a pre-installed app’s obviously I don’t want. I want to port Pure AOSP to my device – without any improvements or new features (So, for example, I don`t want to know how to build CM git repo).

  1. Is it working just add to my local above master branch correct files into /device/vendor/model and then under cwd of master branch execute $ . build/ ?

  2. If so, what are the files and their content I need to put under /device/vendor/model? I found a lot of guides how to pull already existing tree of CM or something else ( and including this Android device configuration for AOSP and looking on some git repo’s of several devices, I tried to figure out the minimum complete set of files & their content but I didn’t find a correlation. I think there must be the minimum complete set and there is programming reason for the existence of each file. And what I saw in existed git repo`s was this set + custom extras each developer added for his own reasons.

  3. Aftermath How do I determine the Build name & Buildtype to execute $ lunch <Build name>-<Buildtype >?

  4. How to integrate $ make otapackage in order to build the familiar one zip file to load via recovery like CWM?

This is following my previous post: Porting AOSP to specific hardware device, But here the questions are more specific.

How to solve:

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