android – Creating a shadow around a canvas drawn shape?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

What steps are required to create a shape e.g. rectangle with a shadow from scratch using a Canvas?

Adding a shadow layer to the paint used to draw the rectangle yielded no success.

How to solve:

No need for a Bitmap, just needed to set the layer type to LAYER_TYPE_SOFTWARE the original approach worked.

public class TestShapeShadow extends View
    Paint paint;

    public TestShapeShadow(Context context)

        paint = new Paint(Paint.ANTI_ALIAS_FLAG);
        paint.setShadowLayer(12, 0, 0, Color.YELLOW);

        // Important for certain APIs 
        setLayerType(LAYER_TYPE_SOFTWARE, paint);

    protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas)
        canvas.drawRect(20, 20, 100, 100, paint);


  1. create. a Path, add some elements to it

  2. set BlurMaskFilter to a Paint

  3. draw a path with dx, dy shadow offset

  4. unset mask filter

  5. draw a path again with no. offset

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