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I am facing this problem from many day,i searched a lot but not found any convenient answer.

Whenever I start a emulator ,after some time when I see DDMS its show the emulator online but its File Explorer is show nothing . Its visible again when I restart my emulator again or restart Eclipse .but I dont want this ,I want a quick solution.

One more thing I have already set the device timeout to a higher value but its also not working. Here is Screen Shot of my DDMS .Can anyone have a Quick Solution.Thanks in advance.

enter image description here

How to solve:

I see that the question was posted back in 2013 so there was probably some other problem at play then… but for those seeing this problem today it’s probably because of an issue with Emulators targeting Android 24 or 25. Currently it appears that the Android Device Monitor is not able to display the file contents for Emulators targeting Android 24 or 25. It is however able to show file contents for Emulators targeting Android 23. Try launching an Emulator targeting Android 23 and you should see the Emulator’s file contents in the File Explorer tab as expected.

I’ve created an Android bug report here.

Edit: a couple more bug reports about this here and here.


from command prompt move to \sdk\platform-tools\

and type

adb kill-server 

and then

adb start-server


I fixed it by the following steps: 1. Open windows task manager and kill adb.exe process. 2. Close eclipse and restart it. Then it works.

Hope it helps.

But i cant understand about online emulators. Do you mean virtual devices ?


What you have to do is first launch the emulator ,then go the Window->show view -> other -> Android -> devices.Then you will be able to select the device that is online,now go the file explorer,which which will show all the files related to that specific device.Another point need to be noted here is ,the files in the file explorer varies from device to device


You have to keep the device selected in the devices view.

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