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I am new to kotlin and I am trying to make a copy of a list of objects.The problem I am having is that when I change items in the new copy, the old list gets changed as well. This is the object:

class ClassA(var title: String?, var list: ArrayList<ClassB>, var selected: Boolean)
class ClassB(val id: Int, val name: String) 

I tried doing this, but it doesn’t work:

val oldList:ArrayList<ClassA>

val newList :ArrayList<ClassA> = ArrayList()
How to solve:

That’s bacause you are adding all the object references to another list, hence you are not making a proper copy, you have the same elements in two list. If you want diferents list and diferent references, you must clone every object in a new list:

public data class Person(var n: String)

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    //creates two instances
    var anna = Person("Anna")
    var Alex =Person("Alex")

    //add to list
    val names = arrayOf(anna , Alex)
    //generate a new real clone list
    val cloneNames ={it.copy()}

    //modify first list
    cloneNames.get(0).n = "Another Anna clone"


[Person(n=Anna), Person(n=Alex)]
[Person(n=Another Anna clone), Person(n=Alex)]


Use ‘to’ for iterate object

List -> toList()

Array -> toArray()

ArrayList -> toArray()

MutableList -> toMutableList()


val array:ArrayList<String> = ArrayList()

val arrayCopy = array.toArray() // copy array to other array

Log.i("---> array " ,  array?.count().toString())
Log.i("---> arrayCopy " ,  arrayCopy?.count().toString())

array.removeAt(0) // remove first item in array 

Log.i("---> array after remove" ,  array?.count().toString())
Log.i("---> arrayCopy after remove" ,  arrayCopy?.count().toString())

print log:

array: 4
arrayCopy: 4
array after remove: 3
arrayCopy after remove: 4


You can create an extension function that you can then use on ArrayList objects:

fun ArrayList<Int>.copy() : ArrayList<Int> {
    val arr = ArrayList<Int>()
    for(i in this) {
    return arr



If you’re not using Ints in your target ArrayList, just change it in the extension function.


This is not related to kotlin, when you are adding the objects from the old list to the new one, it add the reference to them (no createing a new object ), whats mean it just copying the address in the memory to the new list.

To fix this problem you should create a new instance for each object. you can create a copy constructor, for example:

constructor(otherA: ClassA) {
    this.prop1 = otherA.prop1
    this.prop2 = otherA.prop2

and then add them one by one to the new list:

list1.forEach { list2.add(Class(it)) }


There is no default function in Kotlin to do this.
I have done using Gson.

public data class Person{
  val id = 1
  val name = ""
  public Person copy(){
        String stringPerson = new Gson().toJson(this, Person.class);
        return new Gson().fromJson(stringPerson, Person.class);

val persone = Person() = 1 = "ABC"
val originalList = ArrayList()
val copiedList ={it.copy()}
list2.get(0).name = "DEF"

It will not update the originaList.
Changes will only reflect in the copiedList.

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