android – Default ic_launcher_background and foreground xml still exist after customising the Launcher icons with Resource Manager-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

After customising the launcher icons with Resource Manager (+ Image Asset). The new launcher icons are showing ok in my devices and the emulators. I can see them inside the res/mipmap/ic_launcher, res/mipmap/ic_launcher_background, res/mipmap/ic_launcher_foreground and res/mipmap/ic_launcher_round folders.

However, the default ic_launcher_background.xml and ic_launcher_foreground.xml files (with the default Android icons) are still showing in the res/drawable folder.

Should I just ignore those two files. Would it cause any issues in some devices without me knowing. I thought of replacing the two xml files but don’t know how as they are using < path > while my launcher icons foreground and background are png.


How to solve:

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