Android developer "Upload new APK to Production 99% complete" and stuck-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have attempted to upload an app via the Google Play Developer Console for the last two days, but the apk uploads until “99% complete” in firefox or until “processing” in chrome and the is stuck.

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This is not my first app. I have uploaded and published two others without incident.

I have attempted the upload with following with all the same result:

*Firefox 28.0 (Ubuntu 13.10)

*Firefox 28.0 Incognito (Ubuntu 13.10)

*Chromium Version 33.0.1750.152 (Ubuntu 13.10)

*Chromium Version 33.0.1750.152 (Ubuntu 13.10) Incognito

*Chrome mobile 33.0.1750.166 on Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.1 phone

*Chrome (Windows 8)

Logs start out fine:

POST [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 537ms] POST [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 1402ms] POST [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 1457ms] POST

then it hits 99% complete and these errors start posting:

POST [HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable 3816ms] POST [HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable 739ms] POST [HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable 668ms] POST

I also tried advancing the version in the AndroidManifest.xml.

As a test I added the apk in question to the Amazon Appstore. No difficulties. The apk uploaded seamlessly. Google Play Store issue?

Also tried adding a new application in the developer console and then uploading the apk.

Also tried starting from scratch and rebuilding the app in Eclipse and then attempted to upload the new apk. No luck

I have been emailing with Google Help. 8 days ago they asked for the apk in question and HAR file generated when the upload gets stuck. I sent both. They replied they were looking into the issue. A few days later this question came alive with others experiencing the same issues! I emailed again that I was still encountering issues.

Then on March 19th they responded and asked for:

  • A screenshot of the error message.
  • The APK you’re attempting to upload
  • The browser versions you were able to test with and OS type that you are using.
  • Information from the browser’s error console or http logs.
  • What steps did you take to reproduce this issue?

Any other suggestions?

How to solve:

There is a bug in Android that affects every version of it. A developer found out about it yesterday. By malforming an apk file you can corrupt system memory and systems freezes completely. He then uploaded this malformed apk to Goople Play from different countries causing Google Play Developer Console to freeze all over the world! It was fixed for about an hour but then the developer reuploaded the apk and Google Play is down again. I think it will be fixed soon, but anyway it can lead to huge financial damages to many companies around the world.

So the answer is we just have to wait…


It’s a temporary problem, common to many users, due to google developer console website problem.
After tring many times at different hours you will finally upload your app.
This is my experience.

Here the link to the problem report:

Here the link to report the problem directly to Google requesting support:


It was a problem on Google’s end, and they were aware of it; there was a message on their support site (which now appears to have been taken down) and in the Developer Console alerts:

Errors uploading to the Google Play Developer Console:
We’re currently aware of an issue impacting some developers attempting
to upload APKs or Images to the Google Play Developer Console. We’re
working hard on a fix, and will provide an update once the issue is

Google states it now appears to be fixed:

UPDATE – 2014.03.17 4:00PM PT:
This issue is now resolved. Please contact us if you see any issues
uploading APKs or Images.

I have been able to publish APKs and also received numerous app updates since this message was posted, so it does appear that this specific problem appears to be resolved now.


My specific issue was identified by the Google Support team:

Our specialists have found that the APK was getting stuck during the
step where we verify the icon and the certificates.

Comparing the aapt dump to your app’s manifest, there are some
inconsistencies with the icon location. You would want to start
troubleshooting there. If after fixing the icon you still encounter
upload issues, double check your certificates and your signing

The issue was entirely mine as a new and inexperienced developer.

Upon replacing the icon and redoing the key in Eclipse, the .apk in question uploaded without incident and is now published.

The Google Team also made the following suggestion for those searching for help:

For more information on running aapt, please see the “Testing the features required by your application” section of the following article:

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