android – Drag and Drop between two RecyclerView-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Is it possible to have feature like drag and drop between two different RecyclerView?

I found library for drag and drop within RecyclerView. Please help me to improve this functionality.

How to solve:

I had a similar requirement in one of our projects. You can check out the sample code that I have uploaded here – RecyclerView Drag and Drop

It is a very basic code that matches your requirement
– Drag and drop within a single recyclerview as well as between two different recyclerviews.

Hope this helps.


No need to use third party library’s,Support library now supporting the drag and drop of recyleview, may be this article will help you


Check out my code sample on GitHub. It will help you understand how to Drag and Drop between two RecyclerViews.


This lib can help you.
Check sample example, it does what you asked.
It has a BoardView, where you can put several lists.

YouTube demo-video:


  • Re-order items in a list, grid or board by dragging and dropping with nice animations.

  • Add custom animations when the drag is starting and ending.

  • Get a callback when a drag is started and ended with the position.

  • Disable and enable drag and drop

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