Android Drawable Importer plugin not working in Android Studio 3.6-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have updated my Android Studio to version 3.6
(Build #AI-192.7142.36.36.6200805). This issue is with the Android Drawable Importer plugin which is no longer working. I tried reinstalling it with no luck.

How to solve:

I found a repository that was Forked from the original plugin.
Vincent Loi created it! And is working fine in Android Studio 3.6.1!
Here is the repo android-drawable-importer-intellij-plugin

And here you can download the plugin.

Note from Vincent Loi:

This fork came about because the original package stopped working somewhere around Android Studio 3.5.
I have provided an installation zip here. As at 31Jan2020 it is known to run nicely on AS 3.6 RC 1. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Found this repo by Vincent Loi on github. You can download from here .

To install,

  1. Open Android Studio (3.6 RC1)
  2. close all projects
  3. click on configure at the lower right corner of the window
  4. click on plugin
  5. click on install from UDisk in dropdown from top right
  6. navigate to where downloaded zip file is located
  7. select and restart android studio

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