android – Eclipse crashes with a GC overhead limit exceeded error-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

It’s the first time I am using Proguard, I’ve noticed that if you add many custom rules to proguard-project.txt it takes obviously much more time for building. That’s cause Eclipse to crash reporting a GC overhead limit exceeded and then I have to force the shut down of java because the editor continues to pop out error and alert dialogs. Is there any way to avoid these continuous crashes on Eclipse and so fix the problem reported here too?

How to solve:

Fixed, I read all the others forum posts about the problem but no one said how to fix it on Eclipse. I found the fix here

EDIT: in case the link becomes dead, here’s what you can do. Edit “eclipse.ini”, and set something like that:



Remove all errors and warnings from your layouts.
Make sure you are running the eclipse in admin mode (windows users)
Go to your eclipse folder location -> open eclipse.ini file then make sure to match following.


this may help you a little bit.


Change Target SDK in your manifest to 18 for the time being to avoid the crashes. Issue is with android-19. Wait for another update before switching back.

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