android – Eclipse Plugin and ADT modification for API Integration in Create Project menu-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I plan to create a plugin that is relevant to API integration for Android projects. Where i would be able to check/mark API’s which i want to add and it should add all the relevant files and integrate the example in the Main_Activity / or the default activity which user creates.

As a starter i need to know that:

1) Do i need to start studying eclipse code or ADT Plugin only?

2) Is there is any such plugin already available?

3) Which category of the ADT i need to start learning such that i can
start working from it in the Create android project menu?

So far i have started checking the ADT code. Nothing is on web so i can’t tell you what i have done.

How to solve:

Few things that you should know:

1) ADT Plugin is Deprecated; However

2) NO such thing already exists like what you want.

3) Android Creates Project using Templates like this
This is a template from the ADT Plugin

So, If you want to add an example to the code. There are two ways

  • Have your own mini language so that the example integration code be generated
  • Have predefined templates like Google already have

4) Before you start from the ADT Plugin you need to understand THIS.

5) Better add Windows Builder to Eclipse JDT environment (The one you require for Development).

6) You may also need to understand the working of NewProjectCreator in adt before you start doing the filing thing in the project.


I see that New Project Wizard is implemented in the IDE Plugin. The source is available here: You may want to look into the code and the templates folder for more details

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