android – FCM Notification Delay in Custom ROM like (Xiami,Oppo, Vivo, Realme etc.)-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Guys In my application notification is the prior thing.

The issue is about Custom ROM (i think all Chinese devices those use default battery saver). some time notification delay by 1-2 hr or not getting notification.


  • App in kill mode
  • in some device App in background
  • when screen off.

  • Some Case When we tap on app icon > app opened and at that time all pending notification popup

  • etc

Those are some standard cases when a notification is delayed or not received.

Can those things be handled programmatically?


-Below is php function for sending a notification to Android

function sendAndroidNotification($to, $dataPayLoad, $entity, $is_topic)
    $payload = [];
    $payload['data'] = $dataPayLoad;
    if ($is_topic) {
        $payload['to'] = '/topics/' . $to;
    } else {
        $payload['to'] = $to;
    $payload['android'] = [];
    $payload['android']['ttl'] = "30s";
    $payload['android']['priority'] = "HIGH";
    $processedPayload = str_replace("'", "'" . '"' . "'" . '"' . "'", json_encode($payload, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES));
    $output = [];
How to solve:

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