Android float/double resource type-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

As I understood from available Android Resource types, there is no straight way to use float values as resources, unless you use some hacks such as the one mentioned in here. Is there any convention or something for this?

How to solve:

No, There is no direct resource type is provided for float/double.

But Yes there is two hacks to do that.

1) In dimens.xml

<item name="float" type="dimen" format="float">9.52</item>

Referencing from java

TypedValue typedValue = new TypedValue();
getResources().getValue(R.dimen.my_float_value, typedValue, true);
float myFloatValue = typedValue.getFloat();

And Second is as Bojan and Haresh suggested, To use value as string and parse it in your code at runTime.


Just save your double as a String resource

<string name="some_decimal">0.12154646</string>

And then just parse that in your code like this

double some_decimal = Double.parseDouble(context.getString(R.string.some_decimal));

You can also make your own type of resource values and get it from there like this

<item name="some_decimal" type="vals" format="float">2.0</item>

And then get it like this

TypedValue tempVal = new TypedValue();
getResources().getValue(R.vals.some_decimal, tempVal, true);
float some_decimal = tempVal.getFloat();

But it’s impossible to get doubles like this and also I think that it’s less performant than just simply parsing a string resource, so I prefer my first option.


Add a float to dimens.xml:

<item format="float" name="my_dimen" type="dimen">0.54</item>

To reference from XML:


To read this value programmatically you can use ResourcesCompat.getFloat from androidx.core

Gradle dependency:



import androidx.core.content.res.ResourcesCompat;


float value = ResourcesCompat.getFloat(context.getResources(), R.dimen.my_dimen);

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