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Exception or error:

I have a problem about Genymotion after updating my OS to Windows 10, fistly it did not open with this error: Virtualization engine not found. Plugin loading aborted. Also unable to load virtualbox engine. After all I tried to upload Genymotion version 2.0.3 and system worked but I could not upload any virtual device. Then uploaded 1 virtual device however it did not worked. Help Please.. Thank you

How to solve:

You may try the following process:

  1. Run VirtualBox as administrator (By default is installed in C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox)
  2. Go to File -> Preferences -> Network (Left Navigation List) -> Host-only Networks (on the right tab)
  3. Select an adapter and click edit (the small screwdriver on the right)
  4. On “Adapter” tab set
    • IPv4 Address:
    • IPv4 Network Mask:
  5. On DHCP Server Tab set
    • Server Address:
    • Server Mask:
    • Lower Address Bound:
    • Upper Address Bound:
  6. Click Ok (Host-only Network details), click Ok (VM Settings)
  7. Open Genymotion (as Admin), install a new virtual device (you have deleted all past devices) and start it

It worked with Genymotion 2.5.3 and VB 4.3.12, hope it helps !!


In my case (Windows 10 with VirtualBox 5.0.10 and Genymotion 2.6.0) i had to:

  • Go to network connections (run control netconnections from cmd)

  • Right click and properties on VirtualBox Host-Only Network

  • Enable VirtualBox NDIS6 Bridged Networking Driver

Also some times it helps to delete the virtual device and to download it again.


UPDATE: This is fixed in the latest Genymotion and doesn’t happen to me any more.

NOTE: this is using Genymotion 2.5.3, VirtualBox 5.0.0 r101573 and updated Windows 10 as of today.

I’m having all kinds of problems as well, I finally managed to get it working:

  • Delete genymotion and virtualbox
  • Remove any unremoved files in folders like AppData and Program Files
  • Restart
  • Install Genymotion
  • Install VirtualBox latest
  • Run Genymotion as admin, just in case
  • Install an image that I didn’t try before to make sure it’s not using any cached data.

It worked fine.

Sometimes, I still freezes and stops working if I try to start a second device. The solution is to:

  • Close Genymotion, Android studio, etc
  • Force kill adb.exe and any VirtualBox processes.
  • Start Genymotion again and start a device.


Install the latest version of Genymotion(2.5.3) can solve the problem.

I’ve send a email to Genymotion to ask this problem, and I got this reply:

Damien (Genymobile)
Jul 30, 10:25
Thanks for your report! It will help us to improve our products.
Old version of Genymotion were not working correctly with Windows 10. This has been fixed in Genymotion 2.5.3.
Please download the latest version of Genymotion and try again.
Best regards,
Genymotion Support Team


Start Genymotion 2.5.3 in compatibility mode with Windows 8 – it solves the problem for me. VirtualBox 5.0.0 r101573 and Windows 10 Home (all for x64).


Refer to this virtualbox thread:

For me, as other answers suggested, using genymotion 2.5.3 and latest vbox works fine.

You can find latest test builds at

Hope it helps 🙂

EDIT Vbox now officially supports windows 10 and genymotion 2.5.4 also supports Vbox version (5.0.4) on Windows 10


You have just to update your VirtualBox, use a 5.x.x VBOX version it should work normaly 😉


Go to VirtualBox. File -> Preferences -> Network -> Select Host-only Networks.

Select one of the Ethernet Adapters -> Click the tool on bottom right of screen. The third button on the right.

Enter the following:
IPv4 Address: IPv4
Network Mask:

No need to have DHCP Server selected. Hit OK and now you are good to go.

If you haven’t done so, make sure to go to Settings and set Version to Windows 10. Also, update Genymotion to the most current version.


Follow these steps

  • Update your Genymotion to 2.5.3
  • Update your VirtualBox to 5.0
  • Go to your virtualbox settings, under the general tab on the top left , set the version to windows 10

i tried this , and it worked well


Install Virtualbox Testbuild lastest -> Install Genymotion without Virtualbox ->
Right click Genymotion -> Properties -> Compatibility -> In Compatibility mode, check Run this program in compatibility mode for and selected Windows 8 -> It work for me.


Nothing worked for me. I saw in one post that genymotion 2.0.3 will work out of the box. And it did. The only change I made was:
1. Uninstalled genymotion latest version and Vbox and restarted
2. Installed the last 4.x.x version of vbox
3. Installed genymotion 2.0.3 without installing vbox

its working fine for me now.

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