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How can I get function name which is currently being execute using Kotlin?

I’m trying to get the function name of the function which is currently being execute as below but it’s always coming as null

val funName = Object().`class`.enclosingMethod?.name;
How to solve:

I found one of the way:-

val name = object : Any() {


Above code can also be refine as –

val name = object{}

Edit because incorrect duplicate flag prevents a new answer:

A more Java way is this:


but it takes ~47ms on my system compared with ~13ms for the object() based one: nearly 4 times slower.


There’s also another option if you don’t need the name to be discovered dynamically at runtime:

Check below example on

fun main() {
    val test = Test()
    println("The name of method is [${}]")

class Test {

    fun methodA() {
        // do something important here...

    fun logger(name: String) {
        println("Executing method [$name]")

This way you can leverage all the “IDE intelligence” (renaming, searching for occurrences, etc.) but what’s important, all occurrences of are replaced by Kotlin to ordinary strings during compilation. If you decompile Kotlin-generated bytecode, you’ll see:

   public final void methodA() {
      Test var10001 = (Test)this;

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