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Is it possible to integrate the google assistant in an android app?

I couldn’t find any information about it online.

I know today Google released the Assistant SDK but they don’t mention any android support even in their Android Developers Blog post

It would be useful to ask for something your app can offer if installed.

For example:

“ok google, find a Star Wars blu ray on amazon”

and it would launch the amazon shopping app and look for it.

Is it possible to implement something like this within an app with this released SDK?

How to solve:

Your example doesn’t illustrate embedding the Assistant in your own app – it sounds like it illustrates using the Assistant to start your app.

The former would be supported with this SDK, the latter… not really.

You can embed the newly announced SDK into your apps by building a gRPC library for Android. See for the overview information for the Assistant SDK and for getting started with gRPC for Android.


Google assistant is build for actions, so if you want to build a conversation, you need to use another api, like Also you can look here.

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