android – Google maps, Google store publish-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have one app which use Google Maps.
When I publish my app in Google Play store, the map is not working.I use “keystore” to send my apps in the store but recently I understand to publish Google Map app have other way to do.

I used this tutorial but again is not working:

Here is one picture when I download my app from Google Play store:
Look like I don’t have “API key” but I have.
And if I download my app from my computer/my app folder/ everything is working properly.
And in manifest everything is fine and in API console have add my SHA1: + my package

enter image description here

How to solve:

Sounds like you are using API key that is bound only to package and your debug key. Add another pair to this API key for release signing key + package on the API Console.


When I was working on this App I generate keystore to made Google Maps working, and simply forget about it. When it comes to placing application on Google Store, it make me to do things like jarsigning, aligning, so I just generate new keystore for that.

So to the end., if you do what I’ve done, you have to simply obtain SHA1 code once more; this time use keystore which you have used to publish your application on Google Store.

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