Android Google Maps v2 remove default markers-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I implemented Android Google Maps v2 in my Android app without any problem.

However, the map includes some “default markers” that I haven’t included.

I mean, some private business locations.

Is it possible to remove these markers from the map so that I only get the city names and the street names?

How to solve:

Markers you mean to say google places , If yes then we cant.
to remove markers that are added by
googleMap.addMarker() method that can be remove by


or by clearing marker



You can do it simply by modification of the map style: Adding a Styled Map

  1. Create JSON file src\main\res\raw\map_style.json like this:
    featureType: "poi",
    elementType: "labels",
    stylers: [
        visibility: "off"
  1. Add map style to your GoogleMap
googleMap.setMapStyle(MapStyleOptions.loadRawResourceStyle(getContext(), R.raw.map_style));

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