android – Handle empty response with retrofit and rxjava 2.x-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

When using rxjava 1.x i used to return Observable<Void> to handle empty response from retrofit:

@POST( "login" )
Observable<Void> getToken( @Header( "Authorization" ) String authorization,
                                       @Header( "username" ) String username,
                                       @Header( "password" ) String password );

But since rxjava 2.x won’t emit anything with Void is there any good practice to handle those empty responses?

How to solve:

Completable was designed for such cases. It available since RxJava 1.1.1. From the official docs:

Represents a deferred computation without any value but only indication for completion or exception. The class follows a similar event pattern as Reactive-Streams: onSubscribe (onError|onComplete)?

So just change your method’s return type:

Completable getToken(@Header("Authorization") String authorization,
                     @Header("username")      String username,
                     @Header("password")      String password);

And rewrite your subscriber, e.g.:

apiManager.getToken(auth, name, pass)
    .subscribe(() -> {
    }, exception -> {


Another solution is:

Observable<Response<Void>> getToken( @Header( "Authorization" ) String authorization,
                                       @Header( "username" ) String username,
                                       @Header( "password" ) String password );


Did you try using Observable<Object> ?

This is from the official documentation of RxJava 2:

enum Irrelevant { INSTANCE; }

Observable<Object> source = Observable.create((ObservableEmitter<Object> emitter) -> {
   System.out.println("Side-effect 1");

   System.out.println("Side-effect 2");

   System.out.println("Side-effect 3");

source.subscribe(e -> { /* Ignored. */ }, Throwable::printStackTrace);

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