android – How do I catch content provider initialize?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

As we know content provider loads on application run. But I want to make some operations before content provider will launch. How do I catch this operation? Before content provider’s onCreate method would be called

How to solve:

I think Ive found solution. Ive created my custom application class and overridden attachBaseContext method

<application android:name=".ApplicationController" ...>

public class ApplicationController extends Application {
    protected void attachBaseContext(Context base) {

        // some of your own operations before content provider will launch


My solution requires use of the call(Uri, String, String, Bundle) API (so, it’s not fully backward-compatible). But I have the stuff that I want the ContentProvider to prepare before it is used in my override of that call method. Then I do getContentResolver().call(BASE_URI, METHOD, null, Bundle.EMPTY) in my Application.onCreate(). Essentially, it defers that stuff until after my Application is being created, which is what we expected the ContentProvider‘s onCreate to be doing naturally.

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