android – How do you disable "Use Mono Shared Runtime" in Visual Studio 2017-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m following this guide to generate the APK file for my app, however when I’m archiving the project it gives me the following error:

Mono Shared runtime is enabled for ‘MyApp.Android’.

The selected build configuration is using the Mono shared runtime for faster deployment. Apps cannot be archived with this setting enabled.

Please ensure that you are using a release configuration and that the “Use Mono Shared Runtime” option is your project’s build options is unchecked.

How do I disable that option in Visual Studio 2017?


How to solve:

On your project, right click, select Properties, and you will see this:

enter image description here


Right click on Android solution > Select Android Options > Check the Enable developer instrumentation(debugging & profiling)

In Visual Studio Enterprise edition


I simply changed from debug to release mode. For example, click to change the second right hand chevron (i.e. >) at the top of Visual Studio for Mac from: AppName.Droid>Debug> Android_Device_Name; to: AppName.Droid>Release> Android_Device_Name.

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