android – How to convert milliseconds to date in SQLite-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I store date from Calendar.getTimeInMilliseconds() in SQLite DB.
I need to mark first rows by every month in SELECT statement, so I need convert time in milliseconds into any date format using SQLite function only. How can I avoid this?

How to solve:

One of SQLite’s supported date/time formats is Unix timestamps, i.e., seconds since 1970.
To convert milliseconds to that, just divide by 1000.

Then use some date/time function to get the year and the month:

SELECT strftime('%Y-%m', MillisField / 1000, 'unixepoch') FROM MyTable


Datetime expects epochtime, which is in number of seconds while you are passing in milliseconds. Convert to seconds & apply.

SELECT datetime(1346142933585/1000, 'unixepoch');

Can verify this from this fiddle!5/d41d8/223


Do you need to avoid milliseconds to date conversion or function to convert milliseconds to date?
Since sqlite date functions work with seconds, then you can try to

  • convert milliseconds in your query, like this
    select date(milliscolumn/1000,'unixepoch','localtime') from table1
  • convert millis to seconds before saving it to db, and then use date function in sql query

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