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I’m developing a dynamic keyboard application using soft keyboard sample. My application changes layout. For example I have a keyboard(has one key) then I set up the app and I can use keyboard(has one key).

I want to create an XML file after compilation and use this file in the application (reading XML file with xmlpullparser or xmlresourceparser). However, keyboard class needs XML’s id. How do I create an XML id?

How to solve:

It can be defined in ids.xml or any custom file like constants.xml inside your res\values folder.


    <item type="id" name="keyboard" />

and can be accessed in the code as following: 


You can define ids using an ids.xml file in your res/values directory. Here’s an example:

    <item type="id" name="my_keyboard" />

In code, you would set the id like so:

keyboardView.setId( );


XML files are compiled (binary XML) and thus you don’t create them at runtime.

If you want to change your keyboard layout dynamically, you’ll do that programmatically rather than in XML.

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