android – How to exclude a specific device brand/model when it is not shown in Google Play Console Device Catalog?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m trying to exclude the following device brand/model as this is not compatible with my app:

Brand: Trend
Model: TaintArt for x86

However, though this device appears continuously in my Crashlytics report, I cannot find it in the Device Catalog, so I cannot exclude/restrict it.

The following is an image from Crashlytics report:
enter image description here

Navigation to Device Catalog:

1. Login to Google Play Console
2. Select app
3. Release Management
4. Device Catalog
5. Search for Device (Trend, Taintart, etc.)
6. Result: 0 match your criteria

enter image description here

Is there any other way to exclude this brand/model ?

How to solve:

It has appeared in my crashlogs, as well, with the exact same Android version and root state. When searching Google for it, I came across a disassembling project. Possibly someone is using this to get to your app’s code. It doesn’t seem to be an official device hence sadly it cannot be excluded, at least not in the device catalogue. Sorry 🙁

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