android – How to find the resouces in smali code corresponding to resource ID?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I know that the resource id of the application starts with 0x7f, but
I found a field like 0x104000e in smali. How do I find the resource
name corresponding to 0x104000e, I cannot find the resource name
corresponding to 0x104000e in public.xml, only I found such an id
starting with prefix 0x7f. By searching smali , I found that in other
smali there is const 0x104000a under the google gms package, does
this mean that 0x104000e comesfrom the google gms introduced by the
original project sdk instead of the original project. if so, what
field does R.string.0x104000e represent, is it R.sting.unknowUsername?

finally I find it, but how can I use it? MyActivity.getString(R.sting.unknownName) ,it complains “Can’t resolve symbole ‘unknowName’ ”
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unknownName Added in API level 1

static val unknownName: Int

How to display the lack of a name

Value: 17039374

How to solve:

finally I got the answer by myself.
it is android.R.string.unknownName;

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