android – How to reset view to original state after using animators to animates its some properties?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am using animators (ObjectAnimator) to animate few properties (scale, rotate) of a view.

Target view is animating properly when ObjectAnimators are set to it.

But there is an added requirement to get view to the original position (reset) after a while.

I tried to cancel() the animator but it only cancels the animation and doesn’t reset the view.

Possible solution : creating another animator that does just opposite of the initial animator.

Is there any other way to reset it ?

How to solve:

See the solution I came up with as I had a similar issue with animations inside views in a recycler view, so I had to find a way to reset them:

Trying to reset values from Property Animator to be used in recycler view

Good news in Android O these will be better supported


Do you mean stop a running animation? If so, call clearAnimation() to remove animations from the views that you called startAnimation();
If what you mean is to reset the view to its original appearance after the animation is over, always setFillAfter(false); to the animations.


I met the same problem, because I animate the view use ViewPropertyAnimator, addView() and removeView() again and again for not creating new view, but a view can be shown once, when you remove the view, you call addview() again, it is no show, but you see the property visibility is visible and animationListener also be called. it is strange.

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