android – How to set width of ListView divider?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

How can I set the width of my custom ListView divider, in order to have it smaller than my row width?

How to solve:

Make a 9 patch png that has transparent pixels on the left and right. For example, a 53×4 .9.png that has 25 transparent pixels either side (+ pixels to 9patch it) would stretch the 1 pixel out so there is 25 pixels either side of it.


A RecyclerView is generally preferred over using a ListView now. See this Q&A for how to set the width of the divider in a RecyclerView.

Use <inset>


<inset xmlns:android=""
    android:insetRight="10dp" >

    <shape android:shape="rectangle" >
        <solid android:color="@color/list_divider_color" />


And in your layout:

    android:dividerHeight="1dp" >

enter image description here



If you don’t want to make 9 patch, then you can insert

android:background="#33B5E5" />

in your xml code of list_item. It creates a blue line and you can easily control the width of this line.
To make this successful you would have to disable the divider of the listview . Which is given here


You should be able to call

mListView.setDivider(Drawable d);

And pass it a drawable that you can include in your res/drawable folders. If you want to make it go almost all the way across you could just make a 9 patch that contains a horizontal line with as much transparency on the left and right sides as you want. And set it to stretch the middle portion of the line.

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