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Yesterday I was looking for sliders in Android and found this website with the Google search:

I know that I can use a SeekBar in Android to implement sliders. However, Google seems to have very nice examples of discrete sliders but I cannot find any code examples.

I already implemented a normal SeekBar that is looking like this:

Focused SeekBar in Android

How can I make it look like this?

Focused SeekBar in Android from Google design guidelines

(Difference: When I move my slider, there is no big drop that shows the current value)

I think I might just have missed the code documentation for these design guidelines. Does anyone know where to find it? Or is the design difference because I got Android 5.0.2 on my phone?

How to solve:

Now you can use the official Slider in Material Compoments Library.

Just use something like:




enter image description here

NOTE: it requires the version 1.2.0 (currently in alpha) of the library.


sadly google just provided how it should look like, but there seems to be no class provided by the android support libraries 🙁

but for now you can try this library:

or this for even more material elements:

hopefully google adds this in later releases…


AnderWeb’s discrete seekbar has a few problems. And for the other one(MDL), you may not want to compile the entire material design library just for a descrete seekbar/slider.

But there is a nice github repository you may find useful: BubbleSeekBar

I tried to find a nice solution for the same problem. In my case I was also trying to find a seekbar that will always show the bubble. After two hours of research I found BubbleSeekBar library, which provides every single attribute you can think of. It was hard to find this library since the readme file doesn’t even use the word “material”.

After six months, now there is another good Discrete Seek Bar repo that you may find useful. IndicatorSeekBar seems to have everything covered, except a few Issues. You can check it here.

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