Android In-app donations-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I want to implement an option in my app by which users could donate some $. (Donations ofcourse, will not be in lieu of additional features)

What is the best way of doing so?
Paypal? Google Checkout?

Any examples/ api that I can use to simplify this?

How to solve:

You can use my new library under Apache License 2.0:

It simplifies the integration of Donations via Google Play Store, PayPal, and Flattr.


Similar question has been asked before…

“Via the paypal website you can create a link that is specific to your PayPal ID that will allow people who follow it to donate any amount that they’d like to you. All you’d have to do for this to work on android is put a button in your app that when clicked creates an Intent containing this link and start it. That will open up the browser to the correct page that the user can use to make a donation.” – Tim’s comment on PayPal Donations on Android Apps


I think the best way to do it is using Android’s built in in app purchasing system:

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