Android Launcher app icon not updated to new icon after market update-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have provided an update for my application via Android market.
After new application installed from market, my app icon alone not changed to new app icon in Android Launcher screen.

However, if the mobile restarted once, the new icon reflected in Launcher screen too.
It looks like my old app icon cached in Android Launcher.

What could be an issue? is that an bug with Android or am I missing something?

Please help.

Thanks in Advance.

How to solve:

The app in the app launcher (drawer) should be updated, but the shortcuts won’t be updated until the next refresh of the homescreen. There isn’t much you can do that unfortunately, but the homescreen does refresh itself once in a while, so the new icon will eventually replace the old icon automatically.


Same Problem !! did you check after clear cache or reboot your device

After clear caches my problem is Gone


  1. Setting -> Apps -> All -> yourApp – > Clear Cache

  2. if not updated Than Reboot Device

Check this link – Android application name and icon doesn't change until phone is rebooted (after application update)


I had the same problems and tried different approaches (one was trying to remove programatically the launcher screen’s icon and the add the new one; I was able to add the new one but couldn’t remove the old one; android:duplicate doesn’t replace the old one only avoids to add the new icon and if trying to remove and I as far as I’ve researched so far was removed starting with ICS).
But my conclusion is that there’s an Android issue and you can find it posted here:


Make sure you follow the rules stated here:

I had similar issues because I moved my launcher activity to another package.


I also faced this problem, because of roundIcon configuration. So please make sure, you have updated both icon and roundIcon.

Android uses either of the icons based on the device configuration. Hence we should be defining both kinds of icons


Something similar happened to me with action bar icons. In intelliJ, I had to explicitly rebuild the project for the icon change to take effect. It’s worth mentionning that the faulty icon name remained the same (I was switching from holo light to holo dark)

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