Android Listview slow down scroll speed-ThrowExceptions

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The scroll speed in the ListView is way too fast for my application. I need to slow it down by a lot.

I can’t figure out how to do this. The only things I could find in the documentation are a “setFriction” function which is only supported in API Level 11, and a static “getScrollFriction” method which can’t be overridden and has no corresponding setter.

What’s the trick here – how do I control the scroll speed?


How to solve:

Verified that this works really nicely for API >= 11:

listView.setFriction(ViewConfiguration.getScrollFriction() * FRICTION_SCALE_FACTOR)

Note that scroll speed decreases as friction increases. To decrease scroll momentum by a suitable amount, I ended up using a friction scale factor of 10. YMMV.


Yes, there’s no easy way. Before API 11, friction was hardcoded inside Scroller, and there’s no simple way to change a scrolling view’s Scroller. Scroller itself is quite simple, but the mScroller member in AbsListView is private, so you can’t just extend ListView.

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