android – Loading Drawable Image Resource in Fresco's SimpleDraweeView-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I used Fresco 0.5.2:

dependencies {
   compile 'com.facebook.fresco:fresco:0.5.2'

I want to use SimpleDraweeView to load a gif image from drawable.
Here is my code:

String path = ContentResolver.SCHEME_ANDROID_RESOURCE + "://"+ getResources().getResourcePackageName(R.drawable.default_app) + "/"
+ getResources().getResourceTypeName(R.drawable.default_app) + "/"
+ getResources().getResourceEntryName(R.drawable.default_app);
Uri uri =  Uri.parse(path);
simpleDraweeView =(SimpleDraweeView)
        ImageRequest imageRequest = ImageRequestBuilder.newBuilderWithSource(uri).build();
        DraweeController controller = Fresco.newDraweeControllerBuilder()

The default_app is just a jpeg image and it doesn’t work.

I used this as the Fresco’s documentation mentioned.
Is there any problem with the path or code?

How to solve:

To get the URI of the resource image to be loaded in Fresco, use “res:/” instead of ContentResolver.SCHEME_ANDROID_RESOURCE, which is used for URIs in a normal case.

import com.facebook.common.util.UriUtil;

Uri uri = new Uri.Builder()
    .scheme(UriUtil.LOCAL_RESOURCE_SCHEME) // "res"
// uri looks like res:/123456789

You should be able to use that URI with a DraweeController too.

Here are Fresco’s supported URIs.


I’m using Fresco 0.7.0

ImageRequest imageRequest = ImageRequestBuilder.newBuilderWithResourceId(R.drawable.image).build();
SimpleDraweeView draweeView = (SimpleDraweeView) v.findViewById(;

If you are using proguard you need to add these lines in your proguard file:

-keep class com.facebook.imagepipeline.gif.** { *; }
-keep class com.facebook.imagepipeline.webp.** { *; }


Try using this:

String path = "res:/" + R.drawable.default_app; // Only one slash after res:

No need to use ImageRequest or DraweeController.


Try using this:



There’s an implementation of’s code in the Fresco library:



You can use


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