android – Marketing URL doesn't open redirect url in app, only when both app and browser are closed when link is tapped-ThrowExceptions

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I have app linking working for links that are clicked on in an email which are for my websites domain. I also have mailchimp links working so that the Android OS opens the mailchimp link in the browser, and then once the redirect to my actual domain is returned from mailchimp, my app automatically opens the link, rather than loading the content in the browser.

However, this only works if either the browser, or the app, or both are already open. If both the browser and app are closed, then tapping on the link opens the browser (like it should), but on the redirect, it stays in the browser rather than opening the app.

Again, if i just have the app open, then the browser opens, and the redirect loads in the app. If I just have the browser open, the browser opens the redirect in the app. And if I have both the app and the browser open, the redirect opens in the app.

My guess is there’s nothing I can do to fix this, cause it seems that something about the onCreate in the browser (chrome) app is either not firing an intent if the app isn’t already open, or the OS isn’t matching the intent with the app. But those contradict, the cases above where it is working.

Has anyone else seen this behavior, or knows if this is a bug with the Android OS.

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