Android Material default colors-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I want to have colors for specific card states. I want to be able to reset it to its default.

Where can I find the default material colors from Android? Especally of the Android CardView.

Thanks for help.


The Cards have an backgroundcolor (not the images) which is not white. Which color is this?
Or is there any method to reset the Backgroundcolor of View-Elements?

Sample of Cards

Sry for bad english.

How to solve:

Finally, I found the solution: #fafafa

It’s the Background colour that Google used on the website hakkikonu posted.


Maybe it changed over time. Updated answer (thanks to arts777)

### link describes all of your question. Also you can see more notes about material design.


If you’re worried that this color will change over time and you’d like to be up to date if and when Google changes it, you can use ?android:colorBackground.

As of July 2017, it is still #FAFAFA

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