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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. With the release of Chrome 32, I wanted to try the native usb debugging so I could work with my phonegap apps while they’re on my phone (rather than browser testing then transferring). I turned on USB debugging and downloaded the appropriate driver. My phone shows up in device manager but it doesn’t show up under about:inspect on chrome. How do I get my device to show up?

How to solve:

I had a similar issue. I was previously able to inspect my phone using DevTools and the ADB extension. After the Chrome update where the ADB extension was deprecated my phone would no longer appear in chrome://inspect/ not matter what I tried.

What fixed the issue for me:

  1. Download the Android SDK
  2. Locate ADB.exe, found in the platform-tools folder.
  3. Open the file using command prompt

    cd c:\path\to\platform-tools\adb.exe

  4. Make sure your phone is disconnected from USB

  5. Type the following commands

    adb devices

    adb kill-server

    adb start-server

  6. Reconnect your phone, authorise your PC and enjoy the USB debugging

Hopefully that helps someone else.


I found the solution. I’d never run ADB before but that’s what Chrome uses for debugging (not sure if it was downloaded when I downloaded the dev kit or if it came with Chrome 32).

From the command line I ran, adb devices. Got the message “daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037”. Once it started, my device showed up in Chrome! If you haven’t downloaded the android dev kit you may have to do that first.


You need Chrome on Android Beta (v32) to do this without ADB.

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