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I use bottomNavigationView and navigation component. Please tell me how I don’t destroy the fragment after switching to another tab and return to the old one? For example I have three tabs – A, B, C. My start tab is A. After I navigate to B, then return A. When I return to tab A, I do not want it to be re-created. How do it? Thanks

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As per the open issue, Navigation does not directly support multiple back stacks – i.e., saving the state of stack B when you go back to B from A or C since Fragments do not support multiple back stacks.

As per this comment:

The NavigationAdvancedSample is now available at

This sample uses multiple NavHostFragments, one for each bottom navigation tab, to work around the current limitations of the Fragment API in supporting multiple back stacks.

We’ll be proceeding with the Fragment API to support multiple back stacks and the Navigation API to plug into it once created, which will remove the need for anything like the NavigationExtensions.kt file. We’ll continue to use this issue to track that work.

Therefore you can use the NavigationAdvancedSample approach in your app right now and star the issue so that you get updates for when the underlying issue is resolved and direct support is added to Navigation.


Try to use a ViewModels for your fragments.


Declare fragment on the activity & create fragment instance on onCreate method, then pass the fragment instance in updateFragment method. Create as many fragment instances as required corresponding to bottom navigation listener item id.

Fragment fragmentA;
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

fragmentA = new Fragment();

public void updateFragment(Fragment fragment) {
FragmentTransaction transaction = 
transaction.add(, fragment);

Furthermore be sure you are using and calling getSupportFragmentManager()

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