Android – New calendar style DatePicker and TimePicker-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Is it possible to use the new DatePickerDialog and TimePickerDialog style used in the latest version of android? They can be seen here : New style Date and time pickers

I tried looking for the latest sources of the AOSP Project, but event with that code, I still get the old one (With spinners) – They use the same DatePickerDialog and TimePickerDialog classes, so I was not expecting anything else.

Thanks for your help.

How to solve:

For future reference, the BetterPickers library has added support for the Google Now and Google Calendar date and time pickers from AOSP.

I have not been able to properly implement the library tyczj suggested, and the test APK for it even causes an ANR. Better Pickers seems more stable.

Might be worth checking out both if anyone else wants to implement this.


there is a DatePicker library that looks just like that

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