android notifyItemRangeInserted disable autoscroll-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m using RecyclerView as the base for my data list.
i’ve implemented custom RecyclerView.Adapter which is based on ArraList. on fetching data from the internet the code that i’m running is:

public void addItems(List<Item> items){

    final int size = data.size();
    notifyItemRangeInserted(size, items.size());

Problem is that for after running this code i’m getting an autoscroll to the bottom of the list (last element is now visible)

Is there a way to disable this? couldn’t find any similar questions.

relevant information: my adapter have 2 viewHolders – for position 0 it has a view (with viewType 0)
and for the rest of list it has view with viewType 1

Thanks for your help!


How to solve:

Problem is in your positionStart. Should be:

public void addItems(List<QuestItem> items){    
    final int positionStart = data.size() + 1;
    notifyItemRangeInserted(positionStart, items.size());

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