android – Overriding user location in osmdroid library-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I need to override my user location for using Kalman filter and manipulating raw data or I want to restrict the longitudinal motion with my static value.

How can I override lat/long value?

I implement IMyLocationProvider in my created class and override this function:

class iiMyLocationProvider : IMyLocationProvider
    override fun destroy() { }

    override fun startLocationProvider(myLocationConsumer: IMyLocationConsumer?): Boolean {

    override fun stopLocationProvider() { }

    override fun getLastKnownLocation(): Location? {
        val loc:Location?=null
        return loc

and pass it in my mapactivity:

    val iMyLocationProvider=iiMyLocationProvider()
    var ifake = MyLocationNewOverlay(iMyLocationProvider,map)

But it is not working. I think there must be an easier way.

I also saw this topic but it didn’t help either or I can’t find out:
Overriding location-tracking in OSMdroid

How to solve:

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